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There are many sources of information on rare earth elements on the web, several of which are listed below:


  • Ames Laboratory - The website of a US laboratory with expertise on rare earths which has some useful rare earth background
  • Asian Metal - A provider of rare earth prices similar to metal pages, with free price charts also available
  • British Geological Survey - Publish an excellent rare earth primer
  • Metal Events Ltd - An organiser of rare earth and strategic metal conferences
  • Metal-Pages - Maintains up to date rare earth prices, updated twice weekly. Although subscription is required to access news stories and view price data, free price charts are available here for registered users
  • Rare Earth Industry and Technology Association - A nonprofit supported by industry players dedicated to creating a sustainable rare earth industry. Presentations and articles are periodically uploaded
  • RareMetalBlog - A popular and well regarded site supported by rare earth companies with daily commentary on companies and developments in the rare earth space.
  • Reuters -The news wire produces insightful articles on rare earths typically on a weekly basis
  • Roskill - Leading industrial minerals consultancy and publisher of an authoritative rare earth market overview
  • Ruidow - China's leading commercial resource on updates and price trend in the Alloys and RE industries
  • Seeking Alpha - This investing site publishes articles on rare earths and rare earths companies fairly regularly. In addition there is daily market chat from several retail investors who have been following rare earths for some time on tripleblack's instablog
  • Slideshare user "Tehema" are earth presentations from mining conferences and interesting reports are uploaded periodically
  • Technology Metals Research - A site run by Jack Lifton and Gareth Hatch with occasional analysis pieces on rare earths. The Metrics and Indices page contains useful information on companies mining or developing rare earth projects
  • United States Geological Survey - The main source for historical supply statistics, with some
    informative documents also
  • Wikipedia - Detailed description of the uses of each rare earth element
  • - Chinese news agency which produces high quality rare earth articles from a Chinese perspective

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